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The smart bathroom mirror is a signature detail of futuristic movies and advertisements. Want some visual shorthand for how far technology has come? Show your protagonist brushing her teeth, while over her reflection are laid her daily schedule, weather report, news headlines, incoming messages, and more.

So it’s kind of surprising that, even though the technology has existed for some years now, we haven’t seen a version of this product from any of the big names in touch-screen computers or the smart home (one early and expensive example, the Cybertecture Mirror, seems to have vanished from the market) — and it’s equally surprising that several attempts to crowdfund a smart mirror have failed to hit their funding targets.

Fortunately, that hasn’t stopped the DIY community from forging ahead and building what the market wouldn’t provide.

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Build your own Smart Mirror

To build your own smart mirror, you will need some hardware:

1) A Glass or Acrylic two-way mirror where one side reflects light and has the appearance of a mirror and the other transmits light through it.

- Glass: 1/4″ thick two way mirror glass – starting at $89.99 for a 12″x24″ piece
- Acrylic: A cheaper 1-3 mm Acrylic two way mirror starting at $27 for a 12″x24″ piece. Note: Some people have complained about the final finish using this.

2) Something to run the display on. This is really driven by how large of a display you would like. Would you like to have the information take up the entire mirror or just a small section?

- Option 1) For a full mirror display, a computer monitor in combination with a small computer (Typically a Raspberry Pi (a kit with power cord starts at $42)) would be a good option

For smaller displays or where you only want part of the mirror to display information a cheap Android Tablet or one of your old smartphones will do the trick.

3) An enclosure to hold the glass and display you choose. This can be anything from baseboard trim, to a picture frame, to using an existing medicine cabinet.

4) Finally you will download one of the Android apps shown below and customize it for your needs.

Optional Accessories:

Voice Control: Some people have used their Raspberry Pi driven smart mirrors to add Alexa and voice controls. For this you will need to add a USB microphone and USB speaker. Approximate additional cost $20. If you use a smart phone with Google Assistant already installed this should work out of the box.

Motion Sensing: Using a PIR sensor for your Raspberry Pi you can have your display turn on only when there is someone in the room. Additional Cost: $10

Smart mirrors are straight from science fiction. They’re part of an optimistic vision of the future that imagines a world where screens and data are everywhere, ready to feed you whatever information you need at a moment’s notice.


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Post time: Dec-10-2018
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